• Zillow 3D tours are the only virtual tour than can appear embedded at the top of Zillow listing pages for maximum exposure. 

  • Zillow and Trulia (owned by Zillow) are the most popular real estate websites in the country, receiving 1.9 billion monthly visits from 195 million unique users. This is 2/3rd of all real estate related web traffic. 

  • Zillow 3D maximizes a listings exposure on both Zillow and Trulia, and when also shared on the MLS and social media, help capture the interest of serious buyers and make it easy for them to fall in love with a home!

Home buyers and renters value being able to experience a home before coming to visit it. Adding Zillow 3D Homes provides this experience and helps your listing stand out. You will also receive:

  • An increased number of views. Listings that include a Zillow 3D Home tour receive 2x as many views than those that don’t.

  • A unique Zillow 3D Home icon on your listing so viewers can tell at a glance your listing has a 3D home tour.

  • An authentic, realistic view of the home.

Sample Tour

Frequently asked questions

What is Zillow 3D?

Zillow 3D Home™ are published to a listing’s home details page on Zillow, letting potential buyers and renters walk through the home’s layout virtually and giving agents, sellers and property managers a powerful tool to market their listings online.

Does it only appear on Zillow?

Once published, your Zillow 3D Home tour will appear on Zillow and Trulia. You may also share your tour to your MLS, social media and other sites using a link or embed code.

Can I use it on the MLS?

Yes! Every Zillow 3D Home tour includes an unbranded link that can be used in the MLS.

If it's Free on Zillow, why am I paying for it?

The service is free to use to anyone using the Zillow 3D app. However we are charging a small fee, with Zillows permission, to cover the cost of a professional service member scanning the space with professional equipment.

Can I use it on a Rental?


Is this the same as Matterport?

No. Matterport use a more immersive virtual reality experience with 3D processed spaces, you can look up down and side to side. Zillow 3D uses 360 degree photos to build a tour you can view in 360 degrees, left and right only. Both are great tools, one compliments the other. While Zillow 3D can only be seen in 360 photos, Matterport can't be added to Zillow as a direct tour only as a link. It is a great idea to have both for your listing.